Katrin Ingelstedt

Curator based in Stockholm

MFA Curating, Goldsmiths University of London
BA Art History, Lund University
BA Science of Nursing, Lund University

E: katrin.ingelstedt[at]gmail.com
T: +46 70 957 89 74

The Balloon - Play for Real, 2015 –

Curator/project manager

What’s our view of the child in the city? The art project The Balloon – Play for Real traces the history of the classic event The Model. A Model for a Qualitative Society at Moderna Museet in 1969 and its continuation The Balloon in the suburb of Råby, Västerås. A number of contemporary artists are invited to explore the theme of free play and to create new areas for play in the city of Västerås. An exhibition will be presented at Västerås Museum of Art during 2017.

Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjande, 2015 –

Organisation developer (east districts)

Konstfrämjandet’s mission is “art for all” – a mission that has followed the organization since its inception in 1947. The assignment is based on a belief in the liberating role of art and education, and that everyone should have access to it in an equal society.

Public Art in Health Care Environments, 2015 –

Art Consultant, Stockholm County Council

Current projects include process of production and installation of art work at the new university hospital New Karolinska Solna (NKS).

Parallellogram, 2012 –

Independent network of curators, co-founder

Parallellogram is a curatorial collective formed by Ulrika Flink, Katrin Ingelstedt and Laurel Ptak in Stockholm in 2012. We produce site and situation specific projects and connect various artists, fields and institutions through our work.

Västerås konstmuseum, 2013

Curator of communication and program

Västerås konstmuseum is a municipal museum of art situated one hour west of Stockholm. With an ambition to function as a local meeting point as well as a national center of art, Västerås konstmuseum exhibits contemporary art, older works from the collection and produces an extended educational program. Västerås konstmuseum also manages the public art collection of Västerås City.

The Institute of Continuation, Stockholm, 2011–2012

Curator, co-founder

The Institute of Continuation was an independent forum for conversations on current topics in contemporary art. Our dialogues were inspired by the interests of emerging Stockholm-based artists, but also by ideas about art’s potential to stimulate learning and curiosity. From time to time we stopped to reflect; inviting artists, writers or curators to a series of events open to the public. The Institute of Continuation was run together with artist Jens Evaldsson.

Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, 2011-2012

Coordinator, project manager

Administrator of economy, press and printed material at Tensta konsthall. Project manager for:
- Bidoun Library, a mobile collection of literature from and about the Middle East.
- The New Model, a series of seminars departing from the question ”What is a qualitative society?”
- Abstract Art now and then, here and there, a series of lectures in conjunction with the exhibition Abstract Possible, The Stockholm Synergies.

T.451, Stockholm, May 2012

Project Manager, Stockholm konst

A scenic walk in Stockholm by artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster(Paris) and composer Ari Benjamin Meyers (Berlin). The one-time only performance T.451 departed from Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451. On 27th May 2012 actors, artists and musicians performed T.451 at public sites in Stockholm. A collaboration between Stockholm konst and Tensta konsthall.

The Cut, Stockholm, Feb 2012

Curator, Tensta konsthall/The Institute of Continuation

A discursive forum in the shape of a public hairsalon at Tensta konsthall. Hairdressers/artists Richard Houguez and Lewis Bassett from The Haircut Before the Party (London) offered free hair cuts in exchange for a conversation about living and working in Tensta. Special guests were: Per Sundgren, historian at Södertörn University; Saadia Hussain, The Suburb in the Centre; Laurel Ptak, curator and Karin Bähler Lavér, Prekariatet. A collaboration between The Institute of Continuation and Tensta konsthall. >> Video documentation <<

Zombie Prekär, Stockholm, Nov 2011

Curator, The Institute of Continuation

The group of Berlin-based artists operating under the pseudonym Valerie Prekär, realized her own afterlife as Zombie Prekär during one night at Platform Stockholm Gallery.

Deceptive Eye, Stockholm, Oct 2011

Curator, The Institute of Continuation

An exhibition at Platform Stockholm Gallery with works by artists Johann Arens (London) and Alex Reynolds (Berlin). Deceptive Eye departs from the relation between exposure and potential within the photographic medium. Its grainy existence which, with the right knowledge, may be controlled, diverted or distorted.

Disco: the music – the places – the people, London, Dec 2010


Performance artist Olof Olsson (Copenhagen) has long been a dedicated follower of disco. Disco: the music – the places – the people uses disco music as a generator of a lecture about the social experience of disco, its peak in the 70’s and its modern legacy. Performed at MOT International, London.

Curare Art Movement, Malmö, 2007–2010

Curator and co-founder

A curatorial collective based in Malmö by curators Katrin Ingelstedt, Sofia Mavoudís and Lisa Amanda Svensson. CAM curated exhibitions and art projects for Full Pull, Athens Video Art Festival, Skånes konstförening and Galleri Krets.

Att väcka konsten – Att väcka samtalet, Dösjebro, 2008

Curator, Region Skåne/Kommunförbundet Skåne

A permanent art installation at Tallgården nursing home departing from Region Skåne’s art collection. A CD with interviews with the patients and a booklet was released in conjunction with the project.

- Milou Allerholm: Affekt i realtid, Kunstkritikk, 12.06.12
- Thomas Olsson: Det hettar till för Bradburys brandmän, Nummer, 12.05.30
- Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen: Forget The Children, They Are Already Corrupted, Kunstkritikk, 11.10.26
- Martin Ekberg, Sydsvenskan, 08.09.09
- André Jönsson, Skånskan, 08.06.24
- Dissertation: Konstnärlig gestaltning i en vårdmiljö, Lunds Universitet, 2007